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    Fixtures 2013


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    Re: Fixtures 2013

    Post by Eggman78 on Tue 23 Jul - 17:21:04

    Shoey wrote:Right boy's the league next year will begin at the beginning of March until the end of november. Even though the league finishes this sunday 18th november we will still arrange the odd match over the months of december, january and febuary. Myself and pottesy have booked the first 13 matches for next season :-

    Sunday 10th March, Blake hall- Peninsular (Challenge Match)

    Saturday 23rd march Isaak walton- top pool

    Sunday 31st march, Cudmore - arena

    Saturday 13th april, Oakhanger

    Sunday 21st april, Blake hall - Capricious

    Saturday 4th may, Cudmore pool 1

    Saturday 18th may, Blake hall - blake pool.

    Saturday 1st june, Cudmore - pool 1.

    Saturday 15th june, Isaak walton - top pool.

    Sunday 30th june, Cudmore - brewsters

    Saturday 6th july Blake hall - hall pool.

    Sunday 21st july Cudmore - suez.

    Saturday 27th july Isaak walton canal.

    Saturday 10th August Curborough fishery (canal)

    Sunday 25th August cudmore pool 1

    Saturday 31st August Blake hall penisular

    Sunday 15th Sept Baden Hall Canal

    Saturday 21st Sept Canal Heron Brooke

    Saturday 28th Sept Blake Hall Blake pool

    Saturday 5th October match pool Heron Brooke.

    Sunday 20th October cudmore edwards

    Sunday 10th November Blake Hall Capricious

    Sunday 24th november cudmore suez

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    Re: Fixtures 2013

    Post by Shoey on Tue 3 Sep - 13:40:05

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