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    Rules .................

    Post by Eggman78 on Tue 28 Aug - 23:22:39

    Sorry boy's to bring this up again,but their has been something bought to my attention again about pegs, swims and where you can and can't fish in them.
    I'm not going mention any names but there has been things said from anglers about where people have been fishing. Nothing nasty or offensive has been said, cause they have all made a point of letting me know they have got nothing against anybody , get on and think everyone inn are club are good friends and don't want any fall outs, but say this has definitely got be addressed.
    So for the next match before we do the draw i will be having a word with everyone about this situation we have got and ask for any suggestions on rules we should have inn place to stop this from being bought up all the time then everybody knows where they stand.
    All we want lads is a fair match and on the day everything go smoothly,a lot of time and effort goes into sorting everything out for us to keep the club running, so lets all help each other out and play fair and stick to rules (which when i've got 5 mins i'm going sort a few copies out and dish them out)
    Cheers boy's

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