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    General Banter


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    General Banter

    Post by Shoey on Tue 23 Jul - 8:31:23

    Please use this for anything else lads, please refrain from posting comments on the league results page and match results ta. Only means i have to delete them so the results are at the top for people to see! Feel free to post where ever bar these 2 pages!!! i thank you.Twisted Evil 
    Jack Malbon

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    Re: General Banter

    Post by Jack Malbon on Wed 24 Jul - 18:51:20

    anyone got any tips for penisual fishing there tmmorow in an open? i was thinking pelet waggler and pole shallow

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    Re: General Banter

    Post by willbrick on Wed 24 Jul - 20:49:39

    Yeh mate that's good an the margin pal

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    Re: General Banter

    Post by Eggman78 on Wed 24 Jul - 22:00:36

    I'll see you there in the morning pal fishing it myself

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    Re: General Banter

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