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    For those who missed it


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    For those who missed it

    Post by Shoey on Mon 1 Jul - 11:42:46

    There is an old angler named Spitfire
    Who’s fishing is really, nowt short of dire

    So this little story is for our mate Kieth
    You fucking deserve it after weeks of grief

    Dodgy eye, handlebar moustache
    Blue oyster bar is where he got his rash

    Superstar Egg has become his prodigy
    I swear down, i tell you, these 2 are geeey

    Come round mine I’ll show you a rig
    Answers the door in a dress and a wig

    Simons eyes open wide with delight
    Jesus Spitfire you give me a fright

    Dont worry Egg and dont tell the mrs
    Its not only me, but Mart Dobson pisses

    Curly pigs when the hook comes off
    Infront of me, well i had to scoff

    Poor bloke Keith was only plumbing depth
    Fucking plummet swears under his breath

    Not much action from the oldmans peg
    Here comes the excuse, it’s his fucking leg

    Expert advice for many a venue
    2 cod and chips from off the menu

    Not just his fish that gets battered
    Leave it to bobby all torn and tattered

    He might be little and little bit squat
    But i tell you Kieth! he knows whats what

    The Northern monkey fails at Cudmore
    His elastics not stretched, im on the floor

    So heres the moral of this story
    Youve got catch fish, before you claim glory

    So all the tales from yester year
    They mean Jack Shit, im off for a beer

    I hope you enjoyed your little ditty
    Teach you a leason so dont go shitty

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    Re: For those who missed it

    Post by silverfox on Tue 2 Jul - 20:50:05

    i like it i like it alot Laughing 

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